Serious Fraud

‘I just wanted to thank you so much for your hard work and expertise which led to the excellent result yesterday.’
– Client who was a GP was accused of fraud but, as a result of the written representations Max made, the prosecution withdrew the charge.

Max Anwar is a specialist criminal defence solicitor with nearly 3 decades of experience helping clients accused of serious fraud, tax evasion and money laundering offences across London and the UK. In most cases, he can successfully end criminal investigations without any charges being brought his client, saving their liberty, career, and reputation.

Max’s expertise covers all allegations of fraud and dishonesty, including Serious Fraud Office (SFO) prosecutions involving alleged bribery, corruption, multimillion pound asset, and international fraud. Max also specialises in defending clients accused of money laundering offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

In order to provide the highest quality of advice and representation, Max accepts clients primarily on a private basis, however, in exceptional circumstances he can also accept clients on a legal aid basis.

Being accused of a serious fraud or money laundering offence can have devastating impacts on your professional and personal life. As well as long prison sentences, hefty fines and restrictions on your movements and financial activities, you may be unable to continue working within certain professions, including law, medicine and healthcare, law enforcement, teaching, and finance.

Many of Max’s clients are professionals who have never before had an encounter with the criminal justice system but are now unfortunately facing the loss of their liberty and their career in one swoop. He greatly understands the distress you are probably feeling at this challenging time and will make it his priority to defend your rights, save your career, and secure the safety of your future.

Max’s legal services are available from the moment you are arrested or invited for a voluntary interview under caution. His aim is to minimise any disruption to your life and, in the vast majority of cases, Max is able to make representations to the police or prosecuting authority convincing them not to charge with a criminal offence.

In the unfortunate event that you are charged with an offence, Max will work tirelessly to build you a robust defence case, exploring every option for casting doubt on the prosecution’s case and arranging representation in court by a leading criminal defence barrister or solicitor advocate.

If you require specialist serious fraud and money laundering advice and representation, get in touch with Max Anwar, private criminal defence solicitor in London by calling 07770267894 or by emailing

If you’ve been arrested or invited for a voluntary interview under caution, you have a right to legal advice. Never speak to the police of prosecuting authority without the representation of an expert solicitor. Get in touch with Max today for immediate assistance.

How criminal defence solicitor, Max Anwar can help you

Max has wide-ranging expertise across all areas of fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering, including:

  • Fraud by false representation
  • Failure to disclose information when legally required to do so
  • Fraud by abuse of position
  • Fraudulent trading (sole traders)
  • Fraudulent trading (companies)
  • Internet banking fraud, including phishing, bank card phishing, identity fraud, skimming, card trapping, and malware
  • Conspiracy to defraud
  • Corporate fraud, including insider trading, false expenses claims, and payroll fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Conspiracy of commit money laundering
  • Counselling, aiding, abetting, or procuring money laundering
  • Concealing criminal property
  • Fraudulent evasion of income tax
  • Fraudulent evasion of VAT
  • Providing false documents or information to HMRC
  • Fraudulent evasion of excise duty on imported or smuggling goods
  • False accounting
  • Pensions liberation

Max also advises in relation to proceeds of crime recovery action, including restraint orders, confiscation orders, and enforcement.

Why choose Max Anwar, private criminal defence lawyer over a legal aid lawyer?

Although legal aid may be available for some serious fraud and money laundering cases, the quality of advice and representation typically available is limited. Legal aid lawyers can only spend a certain amount of time working on your case and can only recover fees in a few narrow circumstances, often leading to clients receiving a “bare minimum” service.

This is why, although Max does accept some legal aid work in exceptional circumstances, he largely helps clients on a private basis to ensure he can supply the highest quality of advice and give you the best possible chance of you avoiding a criminal charge or prosecution.

Max understands that this may be a financially uncertain time for you, particularly if you’re facing proceeds of crime recovery action. Therefore, he will always aim to agree fixed fees with you as well as offering flexible payment options so you can stay fully in control of your legal fees.

In fact, Max’s flexible fee structures are likely to make your case more cost-effective than applying for legal aid. This is because legal aid is only available for the most vulnerable and low-income people in society. For most legal aid cases in the crown court, you will be required to make financial contributions of up to £900 per month which can only be recovered at the end of the case if you are successful. For many, this isn’t a financially viable or attractive option, particularly as the service you’ll receive is far more basic than choosing a private solicitor.

The following are just a few more advantages of choosing a private criminal defence solicitor over a legal aid one:

Legal aid solicitor Private criminal defence solicitor
You won’t receive the assistance of a senior solicitor or partner if you’re arrested or invited for voluntary interview. Instead, you’re likely to be given a police station representative who may not even be a qualified solicitor.   Max will personally attend police stations and interviews under caution across London and the UK, even out of hours, to provide you with advice and representation.
You’re unlikely to meet your solicitor more than twice throughout your case and they will have little time to prepare your defence or gather evidence prior to interviews. Max will meet with you as many times as you require during the investigation, including building you a solid defence strategy and gathering evidence on your behalf to give you the best chance of not being charged.
If you’re charged with an offence, your legal counsel is likely to be less experienced than instructing private counsel, potentially increasing your risk of being convicted. If you’re charged with an offence, Max has close connections with senior barristers and solicitor advocates who can represent you in court.

To discuss legal fees and payment options in greater detail, please feel free to get in touch.

Client case studies – Why choose Max Anwar, criminal defence solicitor in London?

  • A Serious Fraud Office prosecution where the client and others were charged with conspiracy to defraud banks out of £310million. The client was on bail throughout. Max supervised this case for another firm of solicitors based in the City of London.

The prosecution case lasted nearly five months following which we made application of “no case to answer” which succeeded and a formal not guilty verdict was recorded. The three co-defendants were all found guilty and received custodial sentences of up to 10 years. This was a very complex case and involved a very large amount (over 500,000 pages) of documentation.

  • The client was jointly charged with 3 others of conspiracy to defraud a bank out of £280million. The client who was an American national was granted bail by the crown court. Huge amount of prosecution evidence had to be considered, witness statements taken from client’s business associates in USA and defence trial bundles produced.

After a three-month trial a re-trial was ordered after there were allegations of jury tampering. The retrial lasted for another three months. The Jury was unable to reach a verdict after 10 days of deliberations. The Prosecution did not seek a retrial.

  • The client was jointly charged with 4 other defendants of money laundering and VAT offences involving over £5million. The client was on bail throughout. For various reasons the trial did not take place for two years.

However, during this time we found out that Customs and Excise had inadvertently served one of the co-defendants with some material, which we had not received. We applied for disclosure of the same material. The prosecution argued that whilst the material was of a “Highly Sensitive” nature it was completely irrelevant to this case.

On our application for disclosure the Crown Court Judge ordered the prosecution to serve this material on all the defendants. The prosecution appealed to the Court of Appeal unsuccessfully. As a result, the prosecution offered “No Evidence” on all the charges and a not guilty verdict was recorded.

  • The client was jointly charged with 15 others of evasion of VAT and excise duty totalling over £l0million. Client was on bail throughout. Matter listed for a 2-month trial but the prosecution offered no evidence. They were unable to comply with disclosure requested by the defence and not guilty verdicts were recorded. This was a very complex case and involved consideration of a very large amount of documentation (over 30,000 pages).
  • The clients were 2 of 38 suspects on police bail in relation to a multi £million fraud. No further action taken against the clients following a very lengthy investigation by the police.
  • The client was arrested for money laundering (over £2million involved) but following a lengthy investigation police confirmed that no further action to be taken against the client.
  • Although the police were initially advised by the Crown Prosecution Service lawyer to charge the client, a doctor, with fraud and theft, Max made representations to the officer in the case and Crown prosecution Service to the effect that the client’s actions could not have amounted to a fraud by representation as alleged. Following this, they agreed not to charge my client and no further action was taken against him.
  • Client together with one other and persons unknown alleged to have obtained goods/services from the internet using 100’s of compromised credit/debit cards and obtained goods/services to the value of £140,000. Prosecution eventually accepted a guilty plea on the basis that the client had only obtained goods to the value of £10,000.
  • The client was one of 11 individuals on police bail for a very complex fraud involving over a £1 million. Due to the complexity of the case, the vast amount of documentation and the number of suspects involved the police investigation lasted nearly two and a half years.

Get in touch with Max Anwar, criminal defence solicitor in London today

If you require specialist serious fraud and money laundering advice and representation, get in touch with Max Anwar, private criminal defence solicitor in London by calling 07770267894 or by emailing

If you’ve been arrested or invited for a voluntary interview under caution, you have a right to legal advice. Never speak to the police of prosecuting authority without the representation of an expert solicitor. Get in touch with Max today for immediate assistance.

Call 07770267894 at any time 24/7 for urgent police station representation.


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